"I enjoy a lot Tamara’s workshops: improvisation, creativity,
singing together in a great atmosphere, with inspiring theoretical parts."
Barbara Mate


I have long been teaching people of all ages, of different levels and styles, by giving individual and group courses, and workshops. We’re working on voice training, singing technique, song learning, improvisation, piano skills, music theory and rhythm, to open up our vocal/instrumental possibilities through creative exercises.

2019-2014: BVIT Summer Music Academy
(jazz singing, vocal ensemble, improvisation, combo)
Balatonfüred and Budapest (HU)

2019-2018: individual courses (vocal training, improvisation, music theory), Brussels (BE)

2018-: Association AMZAM (jazz singing, vocal ensemble, solfege, music theory), Budapest (HU)

2018: interactive presentations in schools, organised by Filharmónia Kft, Hungary (HU)

2016: interactive presentations in schools, with the support of the National Cultural Fund of Hungary (HU)

2016: international workshops, with the support of the French Cultural Institute, Budapest (HU)

2016, 2015: workshops (singing, vocal ensemble, improvisation), Mussorgsky Conservatory, Saint-Petersburg (RU)

2016-2010: individual courses (vocal training, piano, improvisation, solfege, music theory) (HU)

2015: workshop (improvisation), Muzikum, Budapest, (HU)

2015, 2014: workshops (singing, improvisation), Jurányi Ház, Budapest (HU)

2013: Solti György Music School (piano) Budapest (HU)

2008: Erkel Ferenc Music School (piano) Budapest (HU)

2007: Vivaldi Music School (piano) Budaörs (HU)