About Tamara

„Tamara Mozes is a pianist. A jazz singer. A composer. A thinking performer.”
Gyorgy Philipp, Prae, 2018
„Her name is Tamara Mozes, she puts together jazz and traditional music with a piano, with her voice and a looper that makes her able to multiply herself... and the result is astonishing. Just listen to her in silence.”
Fabrice Grosfilley, Brussels, 2019
„Here is a one-lady band and composer: playing, improvising, singing and vocalising...”
Alain Lambert, Musicologie.org, 2017
„It's a journey that she offers us, a journey without any artifice. It's always possible to find references among female jazz singers, but in her sound it's more proper to talk about a collage of classical, jazz and pop-rock elements.”
Nicolas Béniès, Le Souffle Bleu, 2017
„This young lady from Budapest has made a big impression on us thanks to her vocal and pianistic abilities.”
Pascal Derathé, Jazz-Rhône-Alpes, 2017
„This is pure jazz with a feeling, both modern and classic, with many references and persuasive technique all the while.”
Claire Jalmain, Crest, 2017

Ars Poetica

Music is a great universe and its effects are limitless. I love choosing what to make out of it and which way to go... and I love to go with others in this mystic labyrinth... There are no hierarchy among musical eras and styles; we can speak either the same musical language or different ones, interaction through sounds can bring us closer and we can be more connected, in our minds and in our souls.

„I've never experienced such emotional intensity in a concert. It's indescribable.
There is still no word to define Tamara Mozes.”
Florent Duprez, Brussels, 2019


MA diplome - Conservatoire Royal de Bruxelles (BE) - jazz performance

MA diplome - Royal Conservatory of Antwerp (BE)
- jazz vocal & popular music

DEM diplome - Conservatoire Régional de Paris (FR)
- jazz vocal & improvisation

BA diplome - Kodolanyi University (HU) - jazz piano

MA diplome - Liszt Ferenc University of Music (HU) - classical piano

Masters, Teachers

Pete Churchill, Inge Minten, Kristina Fuchs, Barbara Wiernik, Claudia Solal, Guylenn Delassus, Sara Lazarus, Fabio di Cocco, András Kemenes, Csaba Király, István Lantos, Márta Gulyás, Imre Földes, János Nagy, Myrtill Micheller, Richárd Révész, Ágnes Lakatos, Orsolya Urbán, Andrea Hantos, Anikó Gács, Tünde Tőkés, Ariadne Bartai, Lenke Igó

Momentous Concerts

2022: Balthasar, Brussels (BE)

2021: JazzFest, Châteauneuf-du-Faou (FR)

2020: Ars Musica Festival (BE)

2020: Liszt Academy, Budapest (HU)

2019: Jazz Station, Bruxelles (BE)

2019: Music Village, Brussels (BE)

2019: Festival Courants d’Airs, Brussels (BE)

2019: Maison de Norvège, Paris (FR)

2018, 2017: BMC Opus Jazz Club, Budapest (HU)

2018, 2016: Alvar Aalto Hall, Vyborg (RU)

2018, 2016: Hungarian National Radio, Budapest (HU)

2017: Balassi Institute, Bruxelles (BE)

2017: Sunside, Paris (FR)

2017: Crest Jazz Vocal Festival, Crest (FR)

2017: Balassi Institute, London (UK)

2017: Gele Zaal, DeSingel, Antwerp (BE)

2017: Train Théâtre, Valence (FR)

2017, 2016: Institut Français, Budapest (HU)

2017: Les Voyelles, Paris (FR)

2016: Bridging Europe Festival, Budapest (HU)

2016: French Institute, Budapest (HU)

2016, 2015: JFC Jazz Club, Saint-Petersburg (RU)

2015, 2011, 2010: Collegium Hungaricum, Paris (FR)

2015: World Expo Milano (I), Teatro di Varese (IT)

2013, 2011: Collegium Hungaricum, Vienna (AT)

2013: Radio Ö1, Vienna (AT)

2012: Los Angeles / Davis / Phoenix (USA)

2012: Palais de Tokyo, Paris (FR)

2011: Rowmania Festival, Tulcea (RO)

2011: Auditorium Landowski, Paris (FR)

2009: Maloja (CH), Montespluga (IT)

2004: Katrineholm (SW), St. Gallen (CH)

2002, 2003: Esterházy Castle, Fertőd (HU)

Prizes, Scholarships

2020: Orszáczky Prize,
National Songwriting Competition (HU)

2019, 2017: Songwriting support,
National Cultural Fund NKA (HU)

2016: SACEM Prize,
International Jazz Vocal Competition, Crest (FR)

2015: Lakatos Ablakos Jazz Scholarship
of the Hungarian Government (HU)

2011: Scholarship
of the French Government (FR)

2010: Grand prize of the Jury,
Musique en courts, Sceaux (FR)

2009: 1st prize,
MAMF Contest of Popular Music, Nagykőrös (HU)

2008: 1st prize,
Ki-látó Talent Contest, Budapest (HU)

2008: Research Scholarship
of the Hungarian Government, Rome (IT)

2008: 2nd prize & Critics prize,
Golden Disc Singing Contest, Livorno (IT)

2006: Bozay prize,
Crescendo Music Contest, Sárospatak (HU)

2005: In the 5 best participants,
Yamaha Piano Contest, Budapest (HU)







Cross Folk
piano-vocal-looper solo
piano-vocal solo, 2017
Album Of The Ear
quintet, 2014
In Spring
duo, 2010
Diploma concert
piano solo, 2007